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i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 

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homework to do: hella

homework i’ve done: negative hella

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Besides my scare for school, life is going so great right now. Like it’s never been this mellow and chill. Everything around me is so positive and uplifting. It’s an awesome feeling to know when I smile it’s real. I mean we all have our little moments but I haven’t been this happy in awhile.

She doesn’t like drugs and drinking. She likes cuddling to scary movies and going out dressed up. She doesn’t like talking on the phone much but if she really likes you she will. Her favorite color is pink and she loves ostriches for some weird reason. She has problems sleeping sometimes and takes melatonin but make sure she doesn’t take too much. Make sure you always tell her you’re proud of her because it means a lot to her. Get on her moms good side and you’ll be set. Hug her when she needs it the most and pay attention to the tone of her voice cause you’ll know when she is upset. Don’t fuck up most importantly, she doesn’t trust easy and once it’s lost it’s hard to get back. She’s a huge pain in the ass believe me but she can also be the sweetest and most loving girl.
Treat her well and make her happy. She may piss you off sometimes and you may piss her off but if you want it then it will make it all worth it.
Good luck bud, don’t fuck up.


i have to keep replaying this

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No matter how anyone sees it or thinks I could never hate someone for hurting me in a relationship. Things happen for a reason but I believe if you were truly in love once with them you can’t just hate them forever. Being in love is stronger than hate. If you end up hating someone you once loved, you were not in love at all.